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Aug 10- Saturday market list

Hey local friends,

How’s everyone doing? If you haven’t got the memo we have been moved into the indoor market for about 3 weeks. Sorry if you have been looking for our stand outside but we are super happy to be back in touch and hope to continue to see you at the market.

This Saturday, we will be having the following for offering:

  • Spring mix bag (special blend with our sweet baby kale)

  • Both dressing/dipping sauce (Pad Thai & Ginger balsamic)

  • Basil Pesto (new packaging— glass mason jars!)

  • Freshly baked sour dough bread (dried cherries, garlic chives, vanilla porter beer)

  • Micro green cuts (red rambo radish/ mustard)

  • Beautiful beefsteak tomatoes

During the time I also will be demoing the micro green on site—showcasing what they are, how each kind tastes like and how to use and enjoy them on daily basis.

FREE appetizer-sized samples will be set out for everyone to enjoy! So if you are coming, make sure you stop by and grab a bite and chat!

we look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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Moving indoors @ Freight House Farmer's Market --will be featured on Living Local July 19. 2-3pm

Find the local indoor hydroponic lettuce inside of the market!

Yes! We are moving into the indoor market where it’s nice and cool. We think our beautiful lettuce is going to love it and so do we.

  • Meet your local city grower in person and understand the big difference of cleanness, flavor, texture and nutrition value between our locally grown hydroponic lettuce and the outdoor lettuce from California.

  • There are so much to offer at our indoor stand: our No.1 seller —- Grower’s spring mix. Our whole head lettuce, Basil pesto and house vinaigrette dressings….

  • We are also happy to share a tip or two of which kind of lettuce to choose and how to prep them depending on what type of dish you are trying to pull through. So you can “wow” the crowd with confidence.

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